Stress Less Yoga received 100% positive feedback on both Groupon and Living Social.

100% would recommend these classes to a friend. 

Deborah of Stress Less Yoga arranged a personal yoga retreat for me, which was very well coordinated and highly beneficial. It included private yoga on the beach at sunset, meditation sessions with guided imagery, massage/acupuncture (that part was extra), and sunrise yoga. Deborah did a great job coordinating and also served as a life stress management coach, given her experience in that area for the corporate world. Would highly recommend the experience, whether going solo or as part of a small group! Dr. Anand Sekaran, Head of the Division of Hospital Medicine, Connecticut Children's Medical Center. April 2014 BookYogaRetreats.com 

I took a couple of friends to the last Full Moon class. It was my first yoga class ever and it was AMAZING! Oh wow, it was just so beautiful. It is a great group of people who take this class. I felt great. My friends and I will be all be back for the next Moon class. John, July 2013

I had never done yoga on the beach at sunrise. Actually, I had never been on the beach at sunrise. The opportunity to experience the sun rising, a heart pumping workout, and such beautiful scenery is so special. I highly recommend it! Donna, July 2013

The New Moon and Full Moon classes on the beach are AWESOME! I've never experienced anything like it. Thanks, Deborah, I love the meditations. Jackie, June 2013

Deborah is excellent!!! Her calm yet assertive voice guides you along through the positions easily allowing for that inner peace and relaxation we seek. Groupon Review, January 22, 2013

She is fantastic and I will be back 100%!! Living Social Review January 19, 2013

Love Deborah and her classes. Highly recommend for anyone who wants to stretch every part of their body and to de-stress. Living Social Review December 12, 2012

I was not a fan of yoga from previous experiences but Deborah is a professional and teaches a great class. I love the stretches and poses we do as I want to be more flexible and she works on our breathing for relaxation. I feel good when I leave. Groupon Review, November 6, 2012

Fantastic instructor and class! Living Social Review October 30, 2012

Two thumbs up! Living Social Review October 30, 2012

Deborah has good voice commands so you are active throughout the session. Groupon Review, October 23, 2012

Love it! Thank you!! Groupon Review, October 23, 2012

Wow Wow Wow - a big recommend! Groupon Review, October 23, 2012

I love the pace and focus on the hips which is a problem for me. Groupon Review, October 18, 2012

I am amazed at what a few weeks of attending this class has done for me.  I feel so balanced in mind, body and spirit. I had been seeing an orthopedic for back issues.  I advised him that I had started doing yoga. He told me there was nothing better that I could do than yoga.  The exercises he had given me were very similar to the yoga stretches we do in class.  A few weeks later, NO PAIN, NO MEDS and NO
Doctors Appointments. This class and instructor are great. Go at your own pace in this class so if you have never done yoga before, this is the perfect starting point! Thank you Debbie! Kellye Hoffman, Business Development, Aetna, Fort Lauderdale

For Yogis or Beginners and those in between, experiencing Deb's Yoga class is a must! Her guided in-depth knowledge of the practice, coupled with her spiritual union, your mind, body and spirit are rejuvenated! Deborah's positive outlook and great sense of humor are added bonuses. She's right on target! As a Yoga Instructor myself and LifeStyle Balance Coach, I recognize all of the details and connections! Give yourself this opportunity to have the experience. In-Joy! Namaste, Heidi, Fort Lauderdale

I just recently started taking Stress Less Yoga after buying a Groupon where these classes were featured. I've been to other yoga classes but never found the calm, relaxing atmostphere and meditative quality this class has. If you are not getting what you want from competitive "gym yoga" and can benefit from stretching and deep relaxation, give this class a try. Connie, Fort Lauderdale

I was fortunate to be a student of Deborah's Stress Less Yoga class for several years before she moved to South Florida. The combination of yoga and meditation expertly and gently guided by Deborah's soothing voice made such a difference in my stressful life. Since she moved, I have been unable to find any classes that match her unique style. Her large and devoted following in Tallahassee miss her dearly. We hope she will return for a workshop in the near future. Marianne, Tallahassee, FL

When Deborah was studying at the Chopra Center for Wellness in La Jolla, California, I had the privilege of taking classes under her direction. She had told me that by the end of the class I would have "turned off the tape" in my head that goes round and round worrying about all the stresses in my life. I listened politely thinking "maybe other students' 'tapes' might be 'turned off', but I've got far too much on my mind to let go". By the end of class, listening to her calming voice and following her moment by moment directions on breath and movement, I realized my mind was still. I was at peace. It was beautiful. Diane, Los Angeles, CA

I had never taken yoga before and was intrigued to take my first class. I had never meditated, didn't know how, and didn't think I could. Deborah took the class through the postures and breathing, step by step, and it was exceptional. I've been going to Stress Less Yoga ever since and find that it is not only a great way to get in shape, but I sleep better and have learned to calm myself when I'm feeling stressed. I look forward to each class and leave feeling rejuvenated. I highly recommend Deborah's Stress Less Yoga classes. Linda, Fort Lauderdale, FL

After moving to Fort Lauderdale from NYC, I wanted to find a yoga class that fit my style. I found Deborah's class through a friend and enjoy it more than I did my NYC class. Very nice! Tim, Fort Lauderdale

I always have a little trepidation going into a new yoga class because each class and each teacher are so different in content and style. I have taken yoga for several years and also do pilates every week. I tried Deborah's Stress Less Yoga Class because it was more conveniently located for me. I was amazed at the difference in her class from the others I have taken in the past. I have never been to a class like this and will probably never find another. Both Deborah and the class are unique. While I have always enjoyed yoga, this is my very favorite class I have ever attended. The combination of yoga and meditation is remarkable. I'm hooked. Cassey, Fort Lauderdale

 I'm a man who had never been to a yoga class and had no reason to ever believe I would. When back problems surfaced, my wife kept telling me to try her yoga class.  I resisted at first, but finally went because I needed relief (and I wanted my wife to stop bugging me). I was couldn't believe it. Deborah talked us through all the postures and the breathing and it was unbelievable. I felt the difference from the very first class. I now go at least once a week (sometimes twice) and have taken control of any issues I had with my back. I wish I had started years ago, but at least now I know. If you get a chance to try the Stress Less Yoga class, do it, you'll be glad you did! Randy, Fort Lauderdale

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